Interior Painting Colors

Choosing interior painting colors can be one of the most overwhelming parts of any painting project. There are literally thousands - if not tens of thousands - of interior painting colors to choose from. 

Get help choosing your interior painting colors from That Interior Painting Girl!

Each paint manufacturer has its own deck of color selections, separated down to the faintest hues, each with exotic or naturalistic or elegant sounding names. The sheer choice and variety can be overwhelming even for a decorating professional, let alone for the do-it-yourself homeowner.

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right interior painting colors for your space.

The use of the space, for example. A living room has a different use and purpose than a game room, say, or a bedroom. Size and shape and lighting make a difference as well. And the mood you want for the space.

What about your style – modern or Victorian or farmhouse?

And personality? We certainly want your taste and personality to come out in your color selections, right? Are you energetic or relaxed, creative or earthy?

If that seems like a lot of things to consider, it is. But take a deep breath, because it’s not nearly as intimidating as it sounds.

I have helped hundreds of homeowners select colors for their homes, and I can give you some ideas and tips for getting started on selecting the perfect interior painting colors for your space without creating extra stress!

Interior Painting Colors Guide

There are several great ways to easily narrow down your choice of interior painting colors. The links below each tackle part of the selection process.

Choosing Interior Paint Colors will walk you through the color selection process by asking you those all-important questions about personality, style, feel, and use of the room, as well as giving tips on how to make rooms feel larger, warmer, more inviting, amongst others.

Interior Paint Color Combinations will give you guidance on how to pair different colors together – bold or peaceful, earthy or whimsical, you can learn which colors pair well with one another to create the look, feel, mood, or style you’re looking for.

Best Interior Paint Colors collects some of my favorite paint colors, along with tips on where they can be effectively used and what they can add to your space.

Popular Interior Paint Colors collects some of the most popular or trendy paint colors of the past several years. It’s a great place to start your search to update your décor.

Interior Paint Color Ideas will provide some different color schemes and ideas for creating the atmosphere or mood for your space. I’ve tried to include plenty of photo examples so you can see how these colors give depth or character or bring serenity.

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