Craft Painting Projects

This is a place for all of those craft painting projects, upcycling, and DIY projects that don't fit neatly anywhere else on the site.

Interior Painting isn't all about walls, floors, and ceilings! There are so many "small" and craftsy things you can do with paint to make your home more welcoming or appealing!

Here you'll find links to step-by-step instructions for seasonal crafting projects, upcycling projects, furniture refinishing, decor ideas, and much more!

The idea behind all of these craft painting projects is to have fun and be creative. Sometimes the end product ends up the way you've envisioned it, sometimes it takes a hard left turn and ends up in unintended territory. Either way, it's the journey that counts.

Interior Painting Crafts

This Holiday Painting Project restored a my husband's old childhood toboggan to life using wood stain, exterior latex paint, spray paint, and some craft letters to turn it into a vintage piece of holiday decor.

I love projects like this that give me a chance to use a nostalgic piece of family history to make a piece of decor that will be displayed every holiday season!

Last spring, I used spray paint on some antique garage sale finds to restore & refinish metal chairs for our outdoor entertaining area.

My favorite painting projects are turning forgotten and unloved old items into usable, vintage centerpieces. These metal outdoor lawn chairs were rescued from the trash heap and with a little TLC, elbow-grease, and spray paint they've regained their rightful places as colorful gathering places around the fire pit.

I recently repainted a metal toolbox from a thrift store bargain bin into a chic feminine paint tool storage box or gift box.

Like the metal outdoor chairs, it had seen rough usage and appeared long past its heyday. But it was nothing a bit of sanding, some metal spray paint, and a decorative appliqué couldn't turn into something fresh, useful, and decorative.

Learn how to repurpose old windows by upcycling them into watercolor-like art pieces perfect as shabby chic decor or a creative gift idea.

Follow along as we take these roadside finds from trash to treasure with just some craft paints and rub on appliqués.

Inspiration is all around you, every day.  In your home, in basement storage, in thrift and antique stores, in the pile of lumber and cast-off furniture buried in your shed. A little creativity and paint can help you turn the old and cast-off into the interesting and useful.

I'll be adding more craft painting projects and upcycling hobbies here as time permits. Check back for more ideas, or feel free to submit your own craft projects and photos using the form below!