Interior Painting Ideas

Interior painting ideas and inspiration are all around us! But decisions on colors, styles, designs, techniques – these can be easily overwhelming. There can be too many choices. Or no seemingly good place to start.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent more time researching interior painting ideas than you’d care to admit. It’s fun looking at all of the color options, themed ideas, and paint techniques available. 

Each room of the house has its different uses and “feels”, and you want your paint and décor to reflect that. A bedroom should relax and enfold. A home office should inspire or energize. A baby’s nursery should stir feelings of youth and innocence and whimsy.

Sometimes it can all seem too complicated! Like a writer or an artist needs a muse, any home painter and decorator needs a spark, something to fire the creative imagination.

I’m going to share interior painting ideas room by room, so you can arm yourself with inspiration.

Interior Painting Ideas

Living Room Painting Ideas

The living room is the haven of the home and a space of many uses. This is often where the family gathers for leisure, movies, games, and socializing.

It is often also the physical center of the home – a place frequented by guests, family, and other visitors – so it’s important that it sets the mood and tone for the entire home.

Because it is typically a larger room and has so many moods and uses, a living room has more options for creativity than most. Have a look at our interior painting ideas for living rooms for inspiration on everything from fresh cottagey looks to warm, earthy-inspired décor.

Bathroom Painting Ideas

What is the one room in the house that everyone literally has time to sit down and inspect? You guessed it! The bathroom. Therefore we need to keep it clean and add some style. 

Bathrooms are often smaller than the other rooms in your home so decorating them can seem challenging, but there are many interior painting ideas for the bathroom that enhance the space and make it appear larger.

Whether you want your bathroom to be calming, rustic, warm, formal or anything in-between, we’ve got some unique bathroom painting ideas that will assuredly get you excited about the john. 

Interior Painting Ideas

Kitchen Painting Ideas

Kitchens are the workhorses of the home. Kitchens are also amorously referred to as “the heart of the home”. It’s the room in the house where everyone gathers to spend time with one another.  There’s something hospitable and comforting about food. 

Did you know that here are colors that can both induce and reduce appetite? There’s no doubt we can cook up a fantastic painting recipe for your kitchen, with just the right amount of spice for the whole family to enjoy.

Bedroom Painting Ideas

Ahhh. The bedroom. Bedrooms are our place for restorative health and romance. Have you been caught hibernating when it comes to decorating the master bedroom? 

Bedrooms are often sequestered away from the main living areas and invite you to close the door on the rest of the world and relax. You are not confined, in this room, to the decorating styles found in the rest of your home. A closed door is often an opportunity for an open expression of something unique and special.

These interior painting ideas for the bedroom can help you create a haven of peace or sensuality or anything in-between.

Painting Kids Rooms

Some of our most treasured memories are of our own childhood. It is no surprise that we want to give our children and grandchildren the same feelings of dreaming, creativity, and freedom.

Our interior painting ideas for painting kids’ rooms are as energized and spirited as the munchkins that will inhabit them. Painting their room is just one way we can show them we support their budding imaginations and encourage growth….okay, not that much growth. They grow fast enough as it is!! 

Hallway Painting Ideas

Hallways are often underutilized and are prime real estate for your home’s personality and potential. They are the transitional areas from one section of the home to another and can create and emphasize the color scheme and flow.

Entryways and hallways are often the very first thing people see upon entering your home. They create the first impression and first impressions are important. Think of how many people rarely make it past the front door. Delivery persons, parents of your children’s friends, the pizza guy, trick-or-treaters, carolers, etc…. People are curious what the inside of others’ homes look like.

These hallway painting ideas will make a great first introduction and maximize your home’s style potential. 

Ceiling Painting Ideas

Ceilings are often overlooked in the painting process. Why? White is white, right? Trust me when I say that a fresh ceiling can make an enormous difference. 

There are many tips and tricks to making ceilings look their best. And there are lots of interior painting ideas on how to utilize the “fifth” wall of your room to provide some drama or mood. Yes, you CAN paint ceilings something other than white! 

Interior Painting Ideas

Baby Nursery Paint Ideas

Oh, this is a fun one! Who doesn’t get excited about creating a cozy cocoon for their little one? They’ll be going from one warm and hospitable place to the next, and we want their acclimation process in this new world to feel like a big bear hug.

Our interior painting ideas for baby nurseries are not only whimsical and fun, they’re as unique as your baby’s fingerprint! These ideas will get you well on your way to the perfect space for your little one! 

Home Office Painting Ideas

Home offices pose a unique problem when decorating. The room needs to feel organized, utilitarian, and tech friendly all while blending seamlessly with the feel and aesthetic of the rest of your home. This may sound challenging, but this is a great opportunity to enhance your working conditions and boost your morale.

Working from home is a luxury and decorating the space to your own liking is a fringe benefit. Working in a space that feels warm and inviting can inspire creativity and minimize brain fatigue.

These interior painting ideas for the home office will not only invite you to pull up a seat next to your desk, they’ll amp up your productivity as well. 

Library Painting Ideas

Few rooms can be as warm and inviting as a home library. A library really becomes a sanctuary inside your home. If you are lucky enough to have the space or inclination for a home library, then you’re probably long overdue to check out these interior painting ideas for libraries. The finished room will have you believing that real life really is better than fiction. 

Wall Painting Ideas

Sometimes you just want to add a little pizzazz to a single or a couple of walls in your home. Maybe you want to make your fireplace wall stand out or the wall behind a headboard…or perhaps just the first wall you see upon entering your home.

These interior painting ideas for walls will give you that extra something special to showcase a particular wall.  Or maybe you only have the time and budget necessary to freshen up your space with a single wall or a quart of paint. But which wall should you chose?

These questions and concerns will be addressed in our wall painting ideas page. From decorative wall treatments to faux finishes and accent walls, these suggestions won’t leave you feeling like your back’s against the wall. 

Interior Painting Ideas

Looking for more inspiration? Check out That Interior Painting Girl's Pinterest page, for thousands of photos and examples of paint colors, decor, style, and themes!

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